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Happy Days!

Hi! what a time we have all had, and now, lets roll with the heart and embrace the joy of Celebrating a union whether it be with a small intimate family/friends occasion or a more formal setting. I have noticed that small intimate Weddings have been really enjoyed and appreciated, perhaps it is within the intimate setting that the purpose of the Ceremony has been highlighted and the wonderful trimmings many are so excited about have not been missed as much as was thought. To be united in a loving bond with special people was also as magical.

It is always a privilege to share in a couple's happy day!!

Thank You

Equally, I am very privileged to farewell loved ones of families with a personal Farewell Service bringing the opportunity for them to say goodbye as they wished.

Life is a cycle we understand, our duration is not always known, every day is a bonus, so live, love and appreciate with respect, dignity and joy.


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